Review System

Grade: Objective grade based on my overall impression. A+ through F model. All grades but F are worth considering.

World: Some stories take place in broad worlds whether they just involve lots of travels or foreign countries. Some stories take place in one house. Traveling through India vs. a small house party. Both can be well done but sometimes I am in the mood for one or the other. I denote the type as Narrow or Wide.

Plot: Some plots involve only the core characters and focuses on the evolution of the relationship. Some plots let the relationship develop through external happenings. Foes turned lovers vs. an international spy intrigue. This is also not a value judgement. I denote the type as Internal or External.

Enticement: Romance novels often set up future books whether directly by having the story involve the first of seven best friend bachelors or indirectly by having a nice young girl get jilted. Sometimes I don’t care to follow the side characters and sometimes I end up buying 14 books because I’m hooked. Of course, there are other times when I know I will eventually follow-up but I’m not swamped by anticipation. I will either say yes, no, or eventually.

Heartfeel: Do you know the idea of mouthfeel? This is kind of like that. If my heart clenches or I feel little pangs during the story I will let you know. This doesn’t make or break a book for me but I treasure it when I feel it. I will simply say yes or no.

Pros: Qualitative statements about what I liked.

Cons: Qualitative statements about what I didn’t like.

Other: Additional thoughts and feelings.


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